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We Have Moved Our Hosting

To serve YOU better, we have moved our web services to a high availablilty ESXi VM (Virtual Machine). EXSi is a VMWare "Hypervisor" which makes it possible to host multiple servers, operating systems and computing platforms on a single hardware server. We offer Virtual Machines on this platform, as well as XEN, and Microsoft Hyper-V server 2016. Contact us for details!

VM Offering!

High Speed, High Availability Virtual Machines

In partnership with Authentic Intellegence LLC we can now offer high speed, high availability VMs, custom made to order for your Web, Mobile, Database and Development needs. Our state of the art high speed servers, equipt with Terabytes of solid state hard drive space using both SAS SSD drives and super high speed Fusion I/O drives, Tearabytes of super high speed RAM, and awesome 10 Gigabit network connections that would make even the most challenging Database replications in mere minutes. Our systems all use either Windows Server 2016 HyperV, or vSphere ESXi high preformance hypervisors, so it is possible to create your own "walled garden" virtual network of nested VMs inside of your own Windows or ESXi hypervisor VM! We also have preconfigured OS templates for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, pfSense and other popular server and workstation environments.
A truly unique offering even Amazon or Azure cannot offer at this point in time.

Our full time staff is available 24/7/365 to give hands on help for any technical support. All inqueries should be directed to Dr. Robert Leithiser or Mark Langlois.
We are working on a custom order form and set up to automate ordering simple VM server platforms as well. Coming SOON.

Check out our Store's new look!

Welcome to our Datacenter!
Our DataCenter! YaaY!

We have just made a new commitment to our customers!

If you need a fast easy way to put a Web presence for your business, organization, or personal website: we have just the thing for you:

Parallels PleskTM Web presence builder:

We are offering this to you at a subscription rate of $11.95 a month for one website, or 19.95 a month for multiple websites!
Web Presence

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